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Past Speakers

In the past the Boise State University Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Celebration has featured internationally-known keynote speakers — human rights advocates such as Dr. Cornel West, Nikki Giovanni and Martin Luther King III.

Speakers and Themes

2011 – Reverend Samuel “Billy” Kyles
2010 – Dr. Cornel West, “Back to Basics: Expanding the Dream”
2009 – Rebecca Walker, “The Legacy of Dr. King”
2009 – Patricia Smith, “The Legacy of Dr. King”
2008 – Chief Chadwick Smith, “Economic Development in Rural and Indian Communities”
2008 – Nikki Giovanni, “The Right to Dream”
2007 – Jesse Jackson, “And Justice for $um”
2006 – Charlyane Hunter-Gault, “kNOw hate”
2005 – Martin Luther King III, “Higher Unlearning”
2004 – Nontombi Naomi Tutu, “Different & the Same”
2003 – Danny Glover and William Fletcher, “Free at Last?”
2002 – Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, “Racism: Understand it, Accept it, Defeat it”
2001 – Dr. Angela Y. Davis, “Racist Idaho?”
2000 – Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., “Race and Class in America”
1999 – Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, “Race and Class In America”
1998 – Gloria Anzaldua, “Celebrating Hand in Hand”
1997 – Cornel West, “Embracing Humanity”
1996 – Manning Marable, “Community Empowerment for the 90s and Beyond”
1995 – Alvin Poussaint, “Welcome to a World of Difference”
1994 – Julian Bond, “Confronting Fear and Ignorance”
1993 – Yolanda King, “Creating a Legacy of Understanding”
1992 – Mary Frances Berry, ” …and Justice for All”
1991 – Jaime Escalante, “Hispanic Issues in Idaho”